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Boll's Seed is NC-17

UweBoll.jpgUwe Boll has said that his latest film Seed will most likely be an NC-17, and for one scene in particular which features a woman being bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Nice. He talks about how he wanted to go all out on this and not compromise the film for a rating.

"Yes, I believe this scene will get the movie an NC-17, but the point for me was to make a movie that is completely uncompromising...The hammer scene with the woman—this is the scene where even the hardcore horror fans will walk out of the cinema because it is really disgusting," he laughs. "But, look, I wanted to make a movie that was frightening. I was tired of the advertising of SAW, HOSTEL, HILLS HAVE EYES boasting about being the ‘hardest’ horror movies, and we will definitely top all of them. We’ve done things that are more brutal and bitter...SEED is one of the hardest, and most depressing, horror movies ever made."

Is his quote from an interview in Fangoria through JoBlo.

It actually sounds refreshingly good, and while I really enjoyed both Hostel (review) and Hills Have Eyes (review), I did think they were relatively tame on the actual gore factor. Yet I view that as a positive for those films. Will Seed be a saving grace for Boll?



One of my favourite older books on fantastic cinema (called, oddly enough Fantastic Cinema; buggered if I can remember the author's name but it was published back in 1983) drew an interesting and fairly useful distinction between horror films that were frightening and those that were merely disgusting. A film could be both of those things, but it was equally possible to be one without being the other, and the author was of the opinion that a lot of then-recent horror filmmakers seemed to think being gross was the same as being scary. This would appear to be a distinction Herr Boll has not drawn, although for some reason I'm not surprised.

Admittedly the plot sounds good, but going on Boll's reputation I fear it'll wind up a stinker.


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