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Borat to be killed off?

Borat.jpgI think perhaps I may be the only one on the planet that doesn't find Borat funny, so the news that Sacha Baron Cohen is planning to kill the character off after the film is released fills me with a feeling of apathy. Roll on the next I say.

Word from Variety through CinemaBlend is that he's already working on a new character and that a brand new reality based film is coming next summer. The character is, of course, a secret, after all if we all knew who he was then the comedy wouldn't work would it? Ahem...for me it doesn't work right now, and it's not down to the fact I know who Borat is.

CinemaBlend have the idea of the shoot though, they are going to shoot as per Borat and surprise unsuspecting people with the character doing outrageous things that would drive the normal sane person to probably slap him one in the face.

I'm sure there's going to be no one here at all that feels the same way I do...so try and convince me otherwise. Should Borat stay, and why?



I have never liked any character he has done ever.

Me either. Don't find him or any of his characters funny at all.


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