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Bousman and Whannell Saw III interview

SawIII.jpgThere's a quite indepth interview with Darren Lynn Bousman and Leigh Whannell of Saw fame online, and despite the odd spoiler here and there (particularly if you haven't seen the second film) it makes for some interesting reading. They talk about the future of the Saw series, and perhaps the best bit is their commentary on the homages that have been paid to the series.

You can read the interview over at JoBlo, here's a little excerpt about the continuation of the franchise:

Q: Since you give so many answers in Saw III, have you left any openings for the inevitable Saw IV? DLB (Darren Lynn Bousman): Let’s be honest. There’s going to be a SAW 16. Leigh and I have already talked about where we want SAW IV, V, VI, VII to go. What’s the next one? CITIZENS ON PATROL? LW (Leigh Whannell): CITIZENS ON PATROL, MISSION TO MOSCOW and ASSIGNMENT MIAMI BEACH .

Q: How about prequels?
DLB: I think it’s a little too early to tell. I think as long as the SAW films are successful, that guy right there [Oren Koules] is going to continue to make them. I think what’s so cool about the SAW universe, which I love about it, is there’s so many stories still left to tell in it.

It's an interesting read and well worth a visit, but will the rest of the Saw franchise?



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