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Bullock's Premonition trailer online

SandraBullock.jpgSandra Bullock's latest film Premonition has a trailer and it's available online. The film also stars Julian McMahon.

The film seems extremely confusing, but in essence McMahon's character, Jim, dies in a horrific car crash (of course it is, wouldn't be just a minor accident!) and Bullock's character, Linda, is devastated. The next morning she wakes up to find he's still alive. Then confusion sets in. If you watch the trailer you'll see he dies again...then he's alive...then he's dead...then others are saying he's claiming to be dead when he's alive...then...my head hurts!

See if you can work it out from the trailer which is over at Yahoo Movies. This is the awful embedded player, and my advice is to immediately hit "change settings" underneath the video (it's very small) and turn it onto Quicktime. You might have to drop the quality as well just to get it to play.

However, once you do you have to tell us what you thought. Did you manage to make more sense of it than I did?



Oh no Richard, it's Friday, I've had a long week, my brain is all fried, please dont make me think now!!!

I kinda got it, she was having some kind of a pemonition about her husband's death? That's all I can really manage for now. :D


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