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Cabin Fever 2 starts casting

EliRoth.jpgAccording to an anonymous source, casting has begun on Cabin Fever 2 and the film will take the same plot as before.

From "Sandy" over at Moviehole comes the news that the start date is January and that auditions have begun.

According to their source the film will have a competely new cast of characters apart from Old Man Cadwell played by Robert Harris. The most surprising news is what Eli Roth wanted to do with the sequel and was turned down by the studio:

"My concept for the sequel was a Song of the South-style half-animated film where Deputy Winston sings songs (ones I was forced to learn in Hebrew school) to imaginary creatures in his head, and has sex with the burned, rotted corpses of everyone who died in the original, but they didn’t go for it" Roth said

Oh my lord...Now that really would be utterly daft and very, very sick. What a great horror! Shame that they're just treading the same ground again then.



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