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Casino Royale Bond cars

CasinoRoyale-AstonMartin.jpgThere were two stories out last week about Bond's latest cars in Casino Royale, and they couldn't be more different. There's the Aston Martin DB9 sports and the hand built new Ford Mondeo!

Over at Autoblog they have the press releases about Bond's nice and safe Mondeo with a few set pictures and lovely hi-res shots of the car. Perhaps this is the pre-double-'o' licence? The story tells us that this model was built by hand prior to the production of the first road model, and yet they've turned out almost perfectly the same.

The more exciting story, because let's face it, Bond is about fast and sexy cars, is from The Casino Royale official site:

You'll see Bond acquire a DB5 in classic 007 style and, of course, a girl, Caterina Murino, to go with it. But later in the film, he also gets his own, government issue, brand new DBS...

..."This is very special because it's the new DBS which is somewhere between a DB9 and their new racing car which they're going to race hopefully at Le Mans. So, technically, that means that it just goes very fast and it's a beautiful car and it suits Bond perfectly."

Is what Daniel Craig had to say about it, and the stunt crew start talking about the problems they had rolling the car in that scene you see in the trailer. It was so stable even at 76mph and a two foot ramp couldn't roll it. You can read the full story on the site. That car is gorgeous.



Will you trade in your present one for that Richard? ;)

Oh now that is a tough one. If I had the money to run it I would definitely. However mine is only doing about 3000 miles a year. It wouldn't really be worth it. I'm happy with mine as it is!

Oh no, with that I mean a direct trade, no money involved, you would, wouldnt you? What is it with boys and their toys huh? ;)

It's not a toy! No, I'm not sure if I would straight swap. Running costs on the AM would be horrendous.


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