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Casino Royale gets PG-13

CasinoRoyale_Poster.jpgWell, that's all there is to the story really, PG-13 for Casino Royale from the MPAA, but it's more in the description of the rating that backs up what the filmmakers have been saying for so long.

PG-13 (for intense sequences of violent action, a scene of torture, sexual content and nudity)

Oh yes. Brilliant. Luckily there were no depicted scenes of people with religious persuasion having consensual sex, if there had been we'd have seen an R on that puppy. What am I talking about? Well it doesn't really matter a jot what the MPAA rate the film, we're going to go and see it anyway, what would those old crusties know?

This news from Coming Soon bodes well for the film though. Perhaps it is going to live up to its tag of being the grittiest and toughest Bond yet?



Richard, would you know if the release date worldwide is also 17 Nov? I know my dad can't wait!

Wohooo, PG-13! That usually means greatness.

Well, Warner Bros animated film, "Happy Feet" is also released on 17 Nov, so we know where the kids will be. ;D

It's not, pretty spread across from the 15th. Where is your Dad? He might get to see it on the 15th before us...although that charity screening means UK residents can see it on the 15th too.

He is in the Philippines (South East Asia). I spoke to him on the phone and we started discussing films and he was quite ecstatic about seeing a blond Bond for the first time. Fathers!

Good man! 15th it is for him then. Lucky devil.

They always get films way ahead over there. Oh well, I can patiently wait!


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