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Casino Royale soundtrack online

CasinoRoyale_Poster.jpgThere's a lengthy review of the soundtrack for Casino Royale online and it includes excerpts of each of the tracks for you to listen to.

Over in the main article I've listed all the track names so as not to give you any spoilers. There's nothing amazingly spoiler-esque and if you've been following Casino Royale from the beginning you're going to know all about it, however just to be safe I'll leave them until the main article.

The soundtrack sounds strong and the review, over at Soundtrack.net, is certainly very detailed and positive. Here's an excerpt of what they say up front:

Returning to score this latest adventure is composer David Arnold, who has scored the past three James Bond films, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day. While his previous films have leaned heavily on an orchestral/electronic fusion sound, Casino Royale focuses more on the orchestra, and uses electronics sparingly. Also - and interestingly enough - Monty Norman's classic "James Bond Theme" is scarce, only showing up a couple of times over the course of the 75-minute album. This makes sense, since it's not until the end that James Bond becomes "James Bond". Instead, Arnold utilizes a melody he wrote for the film's song, "You Know My Name", which subtly hints at a precursor (with the ascending bass line) to the Bond theme. It should be noted, in a rather unique situation, that the soundtrack release does not include the song to the film

It's an excellent and very interesting review, and over the page you can read the track listing...

1. African Rundown (6:52)
2. Nothing Sinister (1:27)
3. Unauthorised Access (1:08)
4. Blunt Instrument (2:22)
5. CCTV (1:30)
6. Solange (0:59)
7. Trip Aces (2:06)
8. Miami International (12:43)
9. I'm The Money (0:27)
10. Aston Montenegro (1:03)
11. Dinner Jackets (1:52)
12. The Tell (3:23)
13. Stairwell Fight (4:12)
14. Vesper (1:44)
15. Bond Loses It All (3:56)
16. Dirty Martini (3:49)
17. Bond Wins It All (4:32)
18. The End of an Aston Martin (1:30)
19. The Bad Die Young (1:18)
20. City of Lovers (3:30)
21. The Switch (5:07)
22. Fall of a House in Venice (1:53)
23. Death of Vesper (2:50)
24. The Bitch is Dead (1:05)
25. The Name's Bond... James Bond (2:49)

Head over and have a listen. Does this reflect the Bond we're going to see?



Thanks for this Richard, kept me company whilst I stayed home resting my lower back pain.

Now if I can only get a James Bond ring tone and get someone to ring me whilst on the bus. Tehehe...

We're ready for you Agent 007. ;)


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