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Casting: Kevin Bacon and Heather Graham

KevinBacon.jpgA couple of casting updates this evening, Heather Graham and Dylan McDermott have signed up for A West Texas Children's Story and Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden are in talks to star in Rails and Ties.

A West Texas Children's Story tells the tale of two twelve year olds who head off to find a better life than the one with their abusive parents. Graham and McDermott play their Aunt and Uncle while Lara Flynn Boyle and Matthew Modine play their parents. Val Kilmer has also been recently cast according to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon.

Rails and Ties is the harrowing tale of two families who clash together because of a suicidal mother and her nine year old child who parks her car on train tracks awaiting the oncoming train. Bacon plays the train engineer and Harden his wife. This film sounds harrowing, but seems to be another that will play well to Bacon's intense performance style. The film is directed by none other than Alison Eastwood, yes the daughter of Clint.



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