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Chainsaw Awards on UK TV

ChainsawAwards.jpgThe Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards are going to be televised by ITV4 on November the 4th at 8pm. The event is hosted by Jamie Kennedy and will feature highlights from the awards for both film and telelvision, and ITV4 is making an entire evening of it.

Horror Night, as they are calling it, begins with Dead on Arrival, a show looking at the black carpet arrivals with the usual interviews and fashion chat - that should be interesting at the Chainsaw awards! - as well as some of the live music performances from the evening including Gnarls Barkley, Evanescence and Red Hot Chili Peppers..

Then it's over to the ceremony itself which is then followed by a showing of John Carpenter's superb film, The Fog, and yes I do believe it is the original. You know, the good one.

The awards include some very interesting categories, such as Killer Movie; Most Thrilling Killing; Dude You Don't Wanna Mess With; Highest Body Count; Sickest FX and Femme Fatale.

You can see the entire list of nominees on Filmstalker along with my individual comments on each category.

Well I'm definitely watching it as this could turn out to become one of the most interesting and fun awards ceremonies around. I mean, it's all horror, how can it not be fun?



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