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Classic Red Dawn trailer online

PatrickSwayze.jpgOh this should take you back. The Wolverines fighting Russian troops who are invading mainland USA? Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey, Harry Dean Stanton, Powers Booth and Lea Thompson all rooting for the right to bear arms and stockpile weaponry? Yes, it's Red Dawn. Three years before Dirty Dancing Grey and Swayze were killing people in a deadly duo. Man they calmed down!

Actually, politics aside, I liked this when it first came out and I'm surprised that the trailer holds up so well and doesn't look incredibly dated. You have to love the shot of the tank pulling up outside the diner.

Have a look at the trailer hosted on YouTube through a nice gem in the quagmire that is Digg. I would go and see it again on the strength of this trailer.



I have to say coming from the Brat Pack generation that I also enjoyed this film.

I loved this movie as kid! Honestly though I haven't seen it since I was a teen....I think it's time to dig up a copy and give it another viewing.


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