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Cohen sells Bruno

SashaBaronCohen.jpgI already reported on the offer of US$42million for Sacha Baron Cohen's new film, well now the news is out that the offer has been accepted and the project is going ahead. Borat is out, and Bruno is in.

The story from /Film surprises me slightly as the studio are willing to spend so much on distribution rights to a film that they haven't even thought about making, on an unproven comic character, from a talent who has just released a film which reportedly took massive cut backs in the opening sceens and isn't exactly setting the world alight.

Surprising in a way, but then I am guessing that they are hoping for a slow rise for Borat and a strong DVD release. Do you think they're mad? At least, for those of us who don't think he's that funny, this is the last character from his series!



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