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Coltrane and Boyd at Casino Royale

CasinoRoyale_Poster.jpgThe early showing of Casino Royale across the UK for charity is a wonderful idea, and not only will you be rewarded by giving to charity, if you're attending the Edinburgh screening you'll meet Robbie Coltrane of Cracker and Harry Potter fame and Billy Boyd from Lord of the Rings and The Flying Scotsman (review).

According to The Scotsman, the special screening in Edinburgh's Vue Omni Centre cinema will feature these two actors as they are both patrons of the charity MediCinema.

For those who didn't catch the previous announcement, MediCinema install cinemas in hospitals for longer term patients to enjoy movies and not simply be confined to the hospital environment, and Barbara Broccoli has been a long time supporter of the charity. She arranged for 36 UK cinemas to show the film two days early, upped the ticket prices for the showing, and arranged a fair portion of them to go to this superb charity.

Now Edinburgh viewers will be rewarded with Coltrane and Boyd there to watch the screening too. I'm off to try and get a ticket!



So did you manage to get your tickets Rich? ;D

Not yet, but I'm thinking I might try tomorrow, if they're not all already sold out.


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