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Confirmed: Pirates 4, Saw IV, Superman sequel and Street Fighter

Cameo-Screen1.jpgIt's a day of confirmations with news on Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Saw IV and the Superman Returns sequel all getting the green light, well, just about all.

First up, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has almost been given the nod from Jerry Bruckheimer, but I think from what he says we're looking at formalities really. From MoviesOnline comes the quote:

Q: Is there going to be a Pirates 4? JB: I hope so. I hope so if we could come up with a good story. I think we have a big jump on a story that we’re going to do.

Q: When I interviewed you for the second one, you said, ‘Oh, we don’t know yet.’ With the latest one doing so well, it seems there may be a fourth one coming out?
JB: Yeah, we hope so. We hope so.

Then there's the confirmation of Bryan Singer signing for the Superman Returns sequel from Variety through Coming Soon.

An announcement from The Associated Press through Coming Soon tells us that Lionsgate plan to have Saw IV in the cinemas for Halloween next year.

Finally, there's the horrifying news of a Street Fighter sequel without Jean-Claude Van Damme, and in fact focussing on the character of Chun Li. That means another fit lady fighting baddies ala DOA: Dead or Alive. The news comes from Variety through Empire. Frankly I can see why videogame adaptations keep failing when they pick such plot empty tales as this.

Any excitement for any of these sequels? I'm on for Superman and that's about it.



Superman - I wasn't a huge fan of Returns, but I knew there would be another and I'll of course be there to see it.

Pirates 4 - I'm going to wait till I see 3 to say how I feel about a 4. My first thoughts is leave it as a trilogy. However, no matter what I'll end up seeing it because there is no way my daughter will miss it.

SAW IV - Can't say I'm excited about this one. I liked Saw I, Saw II was all right, and I've yet to see Saw III though I'll likely wait till it's on DVD like I did the others. There are too many other movies, which are worth my money.

I can't believe they are making another street fighter movie. That's both hilarious and horrifying. Who decides to greenlight such projects?

Same as you Richard, Superman it is! ;D

the horrifying news of a Street Fighter sequel without Jean-Claude Van Damme

You mean the thought of a Street Fighter sequel with him (or the thought of Van Damme making a movie at all) would be less horrific?


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