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Crowe and Valance in Cricket film

HollyValance.jpgRussell Crowe and Holly Valance are teaming up together again for a film about cricket. No, I don't think they'll be playing neighbours this time. This is about the legendary Australian cricket player Donald Bradman.

Bradman chalked up a the worldwide accepted title of the greatest batsman of all time as he chalked up an impressive Test batting average of 99.94. I'm told (Lee's wife can attest) that this score is pretty amazing. His nickname was "The Don".

The story has been told before in Australia, but this looks set to be a major film outing for the character. Crowe has apparently expressed an interest in playing his Captain, while Valance is being touted for the role of his wife.

According to The Herald-Sun through Moviehole, producers are looking round cricket clubs for someone to play the star as they want a real authentic cricket player first and an actor second. They have a six month acting course all lined up for the successful player, and a fast bowl to fame one would expect, especially with Crowe on board and a $30million budget behind them (I think that is US and not AU).



I am looking forward to the other Crowe movie, 'A Good Year', not very keen on Holly Valance though.


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