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Cusacks in political thriller

JohnCusack.jpgJohn and Joan Cusack are starring again in Brand Hauser: Stuff Happens, which surprisingly is not a thirtysomething tale, it's a dark political satire. Superb stuff, and it just gets better, John (so as not to get confused with Joan) is set to play an assassin!

Trying to push thoughts of Grosse Pointe Blank out of my head, and in particular those superb scenes between him and Dan Ackroyd, the film sounds very interesting and has a cool cast.

Marisa Tomei is an actress I've always enjoyed (that sounds rude, I wish!) and a big surprise is to see Hilary Duff on the cast list for the film, I'm sure something dark will do her career the power of good though.

According to Variety through Coming Soon he's set to play an assassin assigned to kill a Middle Eastern oil Minister. To do this he needs a deep cover, and that is set to be a trade show organiser, a trade show that will feature a huge wedding between a local pop star and politico.

Reading that I'm thinking that transposing the two characters that the Cusack's played in Blank would work really well, but this is a new film and there's darkness to be had. On one hand it's a shame, but the other I can't wait to see the talents of both Cusack's on screen again.



I too love Cusack and one of my fave Cusack film is indeed 'Grosse Point Blank'. The soundtrack to that film is great too isnt it Rich, reminds you of our youth really. :P But I am sure this new film will not be some dark comedy like GPB.

My youth?! Well..just a little I guess! ;)

Oy! Didnt you feel all giddy listening to the 80's music? The tune 'Blister in the Sun' rocks!


Just caught Grosse Point Blank on tv the other night. Why don't I own that DVD? Anyway, this one sounds great given the cast and story.

Hey hap, I am guessing you are roundabout our age group too? ;D

I'm not so keen on the soundtrack...I don't think I was into the same music at that age. I was the shy retiring type!

Guilty as charged...

hap, with that late twenteens I mean? HAHAHAHA

Richard, werent you into new wave at all, ever?

Speaking of the Cusacks its refreshing to see siblings working closely together wasnt another Cusack worked with them in 'High Fidelity'? I remember fondly a scene in the film where John teased Joan as 'Sgt. Pepper' in one of the seasons because of the top she was wearing.

Twenteens? If those are related to late twenties, I'll have to withdrawl my guilty plea. I've passed that next major milestone by a couple years.

I am trying to be kind to us really hap. ;D

Oh no...not me...

Okay, I'm dumb as a tree stump today. Twenteens...I'm with you. That's the second time today somebody's told me something I just completely missed. Time to go to sleep and try again tomorrow. For all the kids out there, it just goes to show that years of coding rots your brain. :)

But you will never age Richard, youre a Highlander! ;)

hap, so I was right eh? :D

Oh if only that were the case!

Yep, you were right.


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