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Dallas cast dropped

JREwing.jpgThe cast of the Dallas film has been dropped apart from John Travolta as J.R. Ewing, and the movie has been restarted.

According to Variety through Coming Soon:

Helmer Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham), who took over the reins in April, is still attached but will make her final decision as to whether she'll direct the movie when the new cast comes together. Robert Harling's script may be tweaked, but a major overhaul is not planned...

...The new mission is to make Dallas for a substantially lower price than its most recent $65 million budget by going out to actors with lower quotes.

Furthermore, Chadha, who replaced helmer Robert Luketic, was not happy with the cast, and focus group research concluded that J.R. was the only character audiences felt strongly about.

Apparently talks were underway with Meg Ryan to take over from Jennifer Lopez for the role of Sue Ellen. All this probably means we'll end up with a much less well known cast and for me that means that the film loses a lot of its charm. A straight Dallas without big names? Is that really an interesting film to watch?



With the big names, it wont even pull me to the theaters to see it, how much more small named stars?

I'm not interested in watching this become a film, so whether big names or small I won't be there.

Only a Scarlett Johansson full-frontal nude scene could get me to see this movie.

In my case, get them to hire Butler please! ;D


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