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Darabont adapts King's Mist

FrankDarabont.jpgFrank Darabont already brought us the excellent Shawshank Redemption, and now he's turning his hand to another of Stephen King's works, Mist. Thomas Jane of Punisher fame is set to star.

According to MTV through AITH Jane has already signed up for the film.

It's interesting because although they are both King tales, they couldn't be further apart in his works. So it will be very interesting to see what Darabont makes of this story and what direction he takes, it'll also be interesting to see if he takes up the directors duties or who that passes to.

Previously he's adapted Shawshank, The Green Mile and The Woman in the Room from King's works. King is sure going through a revival.



Darabont has been trying to get this film off the ground for years. I can remember this being one of the first projects I read up on when I started reading the now defunct Coming Attractions. I dare say he was waiting for the film to be made on the cheap but look great. I hope so at least. There would be way more effects work to be done for this one than any of Darabont's other King adaptations. Damn, I'm a blogger for FilmRot again, so I guess I should save the rest for my post there. Thanks for giving me something to write about, Richard. ;)

No problem...from my fingertips to your...ermm...what the hell am I talking about. Let me just shut up now!


Man! I have never laughed so hard in my life!


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