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Darabont to write and direct The Mist

FrankDarabont.jpgBrilliant news! ">Frank Darabont has agreed to direct the Stephen King film adaptation of The Mist. Previously he had been signed to write, but now he's on board for both roles. Another King sure hit in his hands perchance?

The news from SciFi Wire:

Published in 1985 as part of King's short-story collection Skeleton Crew, "The Mist" takes place in a small town where a thick mist engulfs the area, killing those caught in its darkness. Terrified survivors seek refuge in a supermarket, while a swarm of murderous critters tries to get in.

The story bore a lot of traditional King marks but at that time I was lapping them up. I'd be interested to see how this turns out in Darabonts hands. As I said before he's carried two prison films forward, one which had a little of a supernatural element to it, but this is total horror. That is unless he rewrites it in some way we're not expecting. Nope, I think it's staying that way, can it be something special and beat the other misty, foggy horrors?



The hell? Please tell me it only bored marks in your area in the world. When I was growing up it was one of the scariest of King's work I read. It still stands, for me at least, as being great on a pure horror level.

By that time I was becoming disillusioned with his work, there were a growing number of common hooks and threads that were beginning to bother me. Skeleton Crew didn't really make that much of an impression with me...sorry!


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