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Dark Knight gets Bat Bike?

BatmanBegins_Poster.jpgRumour just out suggests that there's a motorcycle being made for the new Batman film The Dark Knight. At first this would seem a camp and poor decision, but when you look at what was done with the first film and the idea of the batmobile, perhaps it might just work.

Over at Comic Book Movie they have the inside word from a friend of the guy who's making the bike for the studio:

"I know guy named John Brickey here in Louisville, KY. He's one of those guys who builds motorcycles. He and his little company are building a bike codenamed 'Sidewinder.' He showed me a picture of it, unfinished, on his camera phone and told me that after building a bike for a WB executive in California, that they may want to speak to him about building the Sidewinder, or some derivative thereof, for the upcoming movie 'The Dark Knight.' The bike looks a lot like something Bats would ride."

No photo to go with it unfortunately, but this guy seems to have liked what he saw. What do you think, a camp idea or something that could work as well as the stunning batmobile did?



my stepson has a toy ( don't know the model at all, sorry ) from batman begins that depicts the batcycle...and honestly, it looks flippin' awesome. Very sleek, stealth, black, heavy and tough.

I'll try and email you a picture or link this afternoon. It really does look like it would work if they stuck with that design...

Mogulus that would be fab. Looking forward to it.

I hope the bike looks hot, but I want to see his plane.

I envisage Batman riding a Judge Dredd lawmaster-style machine. That would be something to see.


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