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Day of the Dead remake trailer online

DayOfTheDead2006Poster.jpgThere's a trailer online now for the remake of Day of the Dead.

You can see it over at nuimage.net [QT] from Bloody Disgusting through MoviesOnline.

Is it worth a remake? Does this one add anything to the genre or is it another cashing in remake? As usual I can't see the trailer right now so it's up to you to give it a quick review in the comments.



It looks like an "In name only" re-make and it looks very poor, even by the standards of some other recent re-makes.

So this is separate from that Contagium film? Bloody hell (as it were).

I'd never heard of the director attached to it, so I looked up his IMDB entry. This is how it starts: "Steve Miner is not one of Hollywood's most popular directors"... doesn't that fill you with confidence?

Err....no James!


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