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Death of a President banned

GeorgeBush.jpgIf you are a cinemagoer in the States it's likely that your viewing choices have just been made for you. The controversial film Death of a President, which centers around a fictional assassination of George Bush (the current President of the USA), is being turned away by cinema chains across the States.

"We would not be inclined to program this film," Mike Campbell, CEO of Regal Entertainment Group, tells the Reporter. "We feel it is inappropriate to portray the future assassination of a sitting President, regardless of political affiliation."

Regal currently ranks the largest theater chain in the United States...Cinemark USA, is also electing not to screen Death of a President and is extending that ban to subsidiary chain Century Theaters in northern California...

"We're not playing it on any of our screens," spokesman Terrell Falk said. "It's a subject matter we don't wish to play. We decided to pass on the film."

Is the story from Yahoo News carried by the incredibly talented guys at Film Rotation.

At first the story suggests the refusal to play the film could be because of the R rating, but those statements clearly say it's something else, the portrayal of the shooting of a President. Is that some law I hadn't read about? Sure you can show shootings of anyone else, but a President? Oh no, we see that all the time because they are either dead Presidents or fictional ones, but an actual live and kicking currently in power President? Apparently not.

Strange as this all sounds the shooting is a fraction of the film, and the makers say that it actually turns to be quite sympathetic towards Bush. We in the UK shall see this evening, for it hits our screens on More4 tonight at 9pm.



this is on tonight richard, more 4.

Cheers logboy, you obviously did't read the whole article! Read the last line!

I was handed the free afternoon London paper in the Underground today with this on the headline, I thought it was real, I forgot about this movie altogether. Clever, clever advertising.

I'm completely uninterested in this film and don't see the reason for much of the uproar about the decision. These businesses aren't responding to laws or political pressure...they're merely exercising their rights. They know full well that Americans will have another way to access the movie if they would like to see it. They just don't want to show it for any number of reasons.

Had they used a fictional President, no doubt I would be interested to see their take on how America would respond. However, there's something about showing the assassination of my President that doesn't sit well with me. I'm not sure I can quantify that discomfort in words, but it exists regardless of the man/woman currently holding the office.

And, btw, even though I'm generally conservative (more Libertarian than Republican), I haven't been too pleased with Bush recently. No doubt you'll find similar reactions from most of those on the left in the U.S. In fact, a Google search turned up some not-so-nice comments from Hilary Clinton about the movie.

I'm not surprised this has happened in the US, in fact I expected it. I'm disappointed in the fact that these cinema chains won't show the film. I wonder if any of them actually the saw film before making the decision. Though I certainly don't want to see Pres. Bush assassinated I am clearly interested in this movie, which explores the possible events that might happen should such a tragedy occur.

Well I watched it last night and the fuss was over next to nothing.

The real crux of the story is not about Bush being killed but the affect of his policies. I won't go into too much because I'll give some things away.

The thing I found perhaps most difficult, and remember I'm not American, was the use of Reagan's funeral footage and Cheney's speech there which were slightly altered for Bush.

I can see where the discomfort would lie, after all this is a person that's still alive. Yet there's a means to an end here, and for the most part the film is well conceived.

"Well I watched it last night and the fuss was over next to nothing." ... Mirror's my own thoughts


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