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Del Toro talks Hellboy 3?

Hellboy.jpgGuillermo del Toro has been talking about some of the things we can expect with Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, and he's mentioned Hellboy 3.

Over at IGN UK they have an interview with him where he tells us that Hellboy 2 is in production and shoots next year. The whole crew is back and he's ninety percent certain Doug Jones will voice Abe Sapien this time round. The budget is a mere US$70million, perhaps because it is a comic book film, but the studio seem happy with it and del Toro too is confident that it will earn its profits. Then he came out with something unexpected:

"I've talked to [Hellboy creator Mike] Mignola about the third one. He seemed to like [my idea], and that is that the way the love story would pay off in the third movie would be completely unexpected," hints del Toro. "I knew what I wanted to do on the first one, but I had no idea if we ever would get to do a second one. And now that we are I really am laying down the breadcrumbs that will lead you to a very, very, hopefully, powerful denouement of that loving couple...

...The second one is self-contained and if we never get to do the third one there's only one element that people will have hanging where they will go, 'Oh Jesus, I wish they had done a third one.' But if not, it's fine,"

Oooh! There could be a third. Well I'm excited just to see second. I never read the comics but I loved the film and the character. He's cool, grumpy, eats loads, and kills Nazi's. You gotta love that. So even with Hellboy 2 so far away, would there be an appetite for a third outside of my chilli loving mind?



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