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Deliver Us From Evil clip online

TwistofFaith_Poster.jpgThere's a short clip online for the documentary Deliver Us From Evil. This is the harrowing and troubling film about Father Oliver O'Grady and his life of committing sexual abuse under the protection of the church. I haven't seen it but supposedly it's very tough viewing.

It reminds me much of the stunning Twist of Faith (review) which followed one mans dawning realisation that he had been abused at the hands of a priest who has just moved back into his neighbourhood. It's a true story and a very emotional one. One of the best documentary's I've seen.

It'll be interesting to see how this one compares as the subject matter is very similar, although it's showing more of the story from the abusers side I believe.

If you are interested in seeing a clip MoviesOnline [QT:Embed] have a short clip online.

This subject matter is powerful enough, but in the hands of a good documentary maker it becomes something incredibly powerful and emotional.



I am going to check out Twist of Faith based on your reccomendation. Deliver us From Evil sounds like a very creepy documentary. I am honestly not sure I could sit through it.


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