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Die Hard casting news

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgI had heard this news loads during the week and just never posted it, but it is an important piece of casting for the strangely titled Live Free or Die Hard. Turns out that the previous report of Jeffrey Wright joining Live Free or Die Hard as the baddie just isn't true, which I think is a shame as Wright makes a superb baddy. However the new baddie has been cast.

The man going against Bruce Willis, and so obviously losing, this time around is...Timothy Olyphant. Also joining the cast is Mary Elizabeth Winstead as McCLane's daughter, fantastic. Bet she get's thrown in the way of peril as often as a series of 24.

One of the reasons I didn't print this news, carried today from Hollywood Reporter through Cinematical, is that it didn't excite me.

Olyphant hasn't set me alight in anything I've seen him in (what I have seen him in that is) and as for him having a daughter, well it stinks of the same old story lever used time and time again - of course I could be wrong and they do something incredible with the character...but I doubt it'll happen. Play it safe.

I wish they had managed to get Wright.



Olyphant is genius on Deadwood as the slightly unhinged zero-temper, zero-tolerance sheriff.

He was good in Doug Liman's "GO" as well. I'll always remember his smackdown of the 'family circus' comic in that scene with sarah polley.

I thught Mclane will have a son not a daughter? Oh dear, this is going to be cheesy now.

You're right, originally he was but then they cut him out. The idea was that he was going to be the top hacker, but the coincidence of his son being the hacker was too cheesy.

But changing it to his daughter wont be? Acccchhhhh!!!


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