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Disney admit downloading doesn't hurt sales!

Disney.jpgWow, this is the first of two stories that might just suggest Hollywood is waking up to real life. The Disney CFO Tom Staggs has admitted that downloading TV shows doesn't hurt their DVD sales.

From IMDB comes the amazing revelation:

As reported by Home Media Retailing magazine, Staggs told a British investors meeting Tuesday that online sales actually boosted DVD sales of the second season of Lost. "That bolstered our view that we think this wasn't cannibalistic," said Staggs. "In fact, we think there is a good likelihood that this keeps people involved in the shows more deeply."

[Sarcasm switched on for Disney studio execs] Well done. Soon you might realise the whole business-customer model soon. Keep going there guys, before the end of the year you might realise it could work for films too. Yes, swap that word TV for film and have a think about it. Did any of you realise that this is the case? It's astounding isn't it?[Sarcasm off]



Richard, sweetheart, I don't think I understood what you said. Course, I haven't slept in two days. I'll come back tomorrow (refresh, hopefully) and reread this again.
You know, I only pick on people that I like :-)

Yeah, there's ton's of sarcasm in that closing statement (as well as the word "soon" repeated mistakingly).

What he's saying is pretty clear, and something we all realise. Allowing the consumer to download a TV show does not negatively affect sales of the DVD's, in fact it increases them.

I should have a "sarcasm" symbol handy.

I still think people will willingly shell out hard-earned money to have a shiny DVD collection of their fave shows.

Saying that, Seinfeld Season 7 & 8 is out next month Richard! :D


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