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Dr. Who movie planned

BilliePiper.jpgNews today suggests that the BBC are planning a film based on the reborn television series Dr. Who, and that those involved are eager to try and tempt Billie Piper back to the role of assistant and sidekick, Rose Tyler.

According to Showbiz Spy Piper has already signed up for the film, although later in the same story it suggests that she hasn't:

Billie Piper has reportedly signed up to take her Doctor Who TV role to Hollywood in a big-screen version of the sci-fi show...

...TV bosses, who came up with the idea of a feature film after selling the show to the US, are determined to woo back the beauty for a reunion with the doctor...

..."Top of our list is to get Billie on board..."

So it looks like she hasn't signed, what in fact they are saying is that they would like to persuade her to return. I don't think that would be too hard if it's a Hollywood movie, after all that would seriously help her career along...again.

Would you like to see Dr. Who on the big screen, and who would be the Doctor of choice? David Tennant, Christopher Ecclestone, someone else? If you're outside the UK do you know about the current series and is there an interest for you?



Morbius will be happy now. ;D

I would not want to see Tennant used at the moment because he is busy on the TV show. I would rather see him in than than what could be another Hollywood style version of the program. (As in the 90's Paul McGann movie)

there was plans to do a spin-off tv show with the character of rose, but they ditched it as it goes against the general structure of how dr.who works - no character revivals or returns for the most part, but they thought it didnt make sense to have rose going on adventures without the doctor - so i would guess the films wishful thinking from some fans, more than it is a likely project.

I really don't think a Hollywood movie would fly right now. Doctor Who just isn't big enough over here in the States.

It's ratings on SciFi are decent but not impressive and if SciFi had to fund production of the show they'd probably not keep it on air.

Unfortunately many (most?) Americans just don't quite get Doctor Who. The concept of family tv is pretty much non-existant over here and there is a certain expectation for sci-fi shows that Doctor Who bucks.

Perhaps a BBC funded indie movie?

it would be good if they made a film of Doctor who with so many sequels and also stay the tv series as well. I think hat David Tennant should play the doctor on the film version as well as the tv series. I think it will be great if Billie Piper comes back and repries her role as Rose Tyrer in the film but also included the other doctor assitance Marther Jones. I think getting Billie Piper back for the film will be great but if you can get her to come back and starred in the tv series of doctor who would be great and also still have Marther Jones as his assitance as well. If Billie Piper comes back as Rose you could bring her back with the doctor shocked that the was reft was fully closed and then it just suddenly opened and Rose,Jackie,Rose's dad and Mickey and also Jackie baby coming out from it into the real world again instead of the palled world

I think it would GREAT to have a big screen Dr Who! We do get Dr Who here in the states they just don't play it enough during prime time and no station is consistant with showing it. We are game for all kinds of movies here.

Hey Syrenmedic, have you checked out the BBC site? They're starting up an online download service too.

Although it's only in Beta at the moment, there are plans to open it up. That might give you the episodes you need. Mind you, probably cheaper getting them on DVD.

When I first wrote this I wasn't really interested in Doctor Who, but since I've watched some episodes and I'm surprised at actually how good the writing is. I could see it working.

hey there people. Yea don't get me wrong, a Dr Who movie will be great to see. With only one problem. The only story line that you could ever do in the film version is the last great time war. I think that is the only story line that would ever work. Anything else would be criminal against Dr Who

i would like to see the doctor regenerate into a woman just for the film lol :-)

Funny but when this news came out I still wasnt into Doctor Who and couldnt really make a comment. It wasnt until Voyage of the Damned the last X'mas special that I got into it, and it's because of David Tennant. Now I love both Tennant and Eccleston, but if this project is really ever going to happen, Tennant is the best choice to take it to the big screen.

The Sun (newspaper) are giving away Dr Who episodes every day this week. Buy it on Wednesday. The episode is "Blink" and is superb.

Just buy it. Even though it is The Sun :(

Dave!!! Blink is one of my favorite episodes, I think it's one of the best stories ever written. Oh and I already have Blink on DVD and the Series 2 boxset. But I'll check out the Sun, just to get them DVD's!

david on big screen....DROOLAGE ^^

i think it should start with the dr(tennant) getting mugged and being knocked out, then the main bulk of the film is ecclestones version of the dr fighting in the last great time war, then after a main battle (not the end of the war in case of sequels)the dr(tennant again) wakes up and regenerates


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