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Eastwood incites The Chosen Few

JohnMilius.jpgClint Eastwood's work on Flags of our Fathers has surely inspired this project from writer-director John Milius. The Chosen Few is the tale of American forces beating crazy odds in the Chosin Reservoir Battle in the Korean War (the one in the past).

The story comes from Variety through Coming Soon:

During the battle, a group of 2,500 undertrained and ill-equipped U.S. Army soldiers, along with 15,000 Marines, fought back against the surprise attack of more than 100,000 Chinese troops. After several days of fighting in subzero temperatures, the efforts of the soldiers allowed the Marines to battle their way out.

Great. America beats the odds against Korea, perfect timing for the film. It's difficult though isn't it, this tale is certainly one that should be told and remembered, any story from the war about people losing their lives for our defence is one that needs to be told and remembered. However isn't the timing just a tad off for political relations?

Regardless of that Milius is a fantastic person to be writing this script, having brought us Red Dawn, Apocalypse Now, Conan the Barbarian, the list goes on.



Milius back? My prayers have been listened. Great news indeed.

Yeah okay, but 300 Spartans against an army of 200,000? Way better ain't it? :D


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