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Eddie Murphy's a Starship

EddieMurphy.jpgEddie Murphy is to star in another career dulling movie, this time he's taking on Sci-Fi...I think. Perhaps it's comedy or farce, I don't know. You listen to the idea and decide for yourself.

The film is called Starship Dave and will be directed by Brian Robbin. It's about a man who is a, well, starship, and he's filled with a crew of minutare human looking aliens...oh sweet lord. Robbin is previously guilty of The Shaggy Dog and is currently working on Norbit.

Well that bodes well, and the story...well...it sounds awful. One has to wonder what has happened to Eddie Murphy, there were times when he showed brilliance, and times when he actually showed he had strong acting skills, so what's happened to him these days? Is it all about the kids and the money?



He should get a new manager. Is he looking to go down and out in Beverly Hills? Hehehe, pun intended.


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