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Eli Roth talks Hostel: Part II

EliRoth.jpgEli Roth has been talking about some of the features of Hostel: Part II, and he's making it sound pretty terrifying.

According to an interview with MTV through AITH, Roth says this is going to be even sicker than before, we can expect those scary kids back, and we're also going to get much deeper into the organisation than before...

The film is also following two guys who go through this experience to kill somebody. And we know them really well, and they are very, very likeable and they're very normal. It seems like there's nothing psycho about them, except they are looking for some excitement in their life because they are bored. ... That's going to be a parallel story. We see it from the girl's perspective and we see it from the client's perspective. We inter-cut both stories until they all meet in this horrible place. So, we're going to learn everything about the organization, all the minutiae of it...

...Let me tell you, the Bubble Gum Gang are back, and they're nastier than ever. We filmed some horrible, sick stuff with the children, and I think that's going to be the most shocking and upsetting part of the movie, but the kids are so much fun.

All this sounds very exciting for the sequel, and he confirmed that Jay Hernandez is about to start filming his scenes.

After loving the first Hostel (review), I'm dying to see the second, and the recent teaser as well as this interview just makes me even more excited. More gore, more scares, and more horror! Fantastic!



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