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Everett makes Oscar Wilde film

RupertEverett.jpgRupert Everett is reported to be working on a film about the early days of Oscar Wilde.

Contactmusic through ZeeNews have the star talking about Wilde:

"I want to make a film about him from the time he came out of prison until his death. Every film made about him has taken him through the Cafe Royale days to his trial, but his trial, to me, is the most revealing time of his life...After his release, Wilde travels to Napes, Paris and all around Europe. He was the last of the great vagabonds - this syphilitic hobbling man who sat drunk in the corners of nightclubs. I can identify with that,"

It would certainly be an interesting piece of work for him, and you can see him carrying the Wilde role well, although I would dearly love to see a film of Wilde played by the fantastically talented Stephen Fry.



Any Oscar Wilde films you guys can recommend for me to start off with?

I thought someone had already replied to this with a comment...Oh...hold on I might have missed it and it's in pending. 2 secs.


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