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Everlost another family fantasy

Everlost.jpgWhat's going on with fantasy films with teenagers and children? Everlost by Neal Shusterman is the next that has just been bought up by Universal, although this one has a pleasant twist, no dragons and mystical creatures.

Everlost is a film that features two teenagers who crash their cars together and find themselves in limbo. Between life and death is a place where teenagers and young spirits from throughout time are trapped. These spirits cannot interact with the living and have their own demons to cope with.

From Variety through Empire comes the story and the words of producer Allison Thomas:

"We liked the characters, and the idea that it was an action adventure story that had no wizards or dragons, that wasn't driven by magic like so many of these films are...This is an alternative universe, almost Peter Pan-ish, with its own set of rules and two strong lead characters trying to find their way back to their families."

Sounds like an interesting story, and a little different from the other similar franchises. Does this interest you at all?



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