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Ewan McGregor turned down Bond

EwanMcGregor.jpgIt's official, according to the director of Casino Royale, Martin Campbell, Ewan McGregor was the first choice for the role, but McGregor turned them down.

According to Campbell who talked through the UK newspaper the Mirror McGregor was approached really early on as a replacement for Pierce Brosnan but he turned it down. Campbell says that he thinks he got another job or decided he didn't want to do it, the Mirror on the other hand quite clearly state that it was because he was afraid of being typecast, or more acurately he was concerned about the long term nature of the role.

I think he would have made a great Bond, but not a tough one like Daniel Craig, McGregor would have been smoother and younger. However with the footage that's come out to date, I think Craig has beaten his critics down, even despite those stories of him being hurt, scared of heights and not able to handle an auotmatic car. I think we're going to see him as Bond and wonder what we were worried about.



Now that would be interesting, since all those "anti-craig" kept on saying how D.Craig was too short to be Bond. I,m sure these knobs would have had a field day with Ewan.

No offense to Ewan, but if there is a Scottish actor who would be perfect as Bond, then it's Gerry Butler. Now I said that without a tinge of tartness, I can sometimes see things as they are. ;)

Oh Mike, there are so many things that would be wrong with Ewan in the role...or any actor in fact. I think that whoever stepped into the role was on a negative from day one.

Butler would have been a great Scottish choice, as well as Dougray Scott. Now if Butler was reading this...come to think of it...

I think that whoever stepped into the role was on a negative from day one.

Couldnt agree more with you there Richard. It's because they will always be associated with playing Bond. But Pierce Brosnan did a lot of films outside the James Bond franchise, I dont know if he made a conscious effort that he didnt want to be typecasted for it but good move on him. Surely now when we watch Sean Connery we dont just see him as the greatest Bond ever but also in other good roles.

Thinking about it Rich, Butler is better off not being Bond, although it would look nice on the CV! Awwwwww!!! :D


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