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Faces of Death by Transformers producer

DonMurphy.jpgThere was once a series of videos made called Faces of Death, horrific "documentaries" that apparently showed real executions from around the world. The idea behind these were that they would deter people from committing crimes in these countries.

Now Don Murphy, one of the producers on the original Transformers: The Movie, alongisde partners Rick Benattar, and Susan Montford, are to revive the series with a new film under the same banner and presumably with the same content.

According to TMZ J.T. Petty is set to direct.

Petty, you might remember, brought his documentary "S&MAN" (pronounced "Sandman") to the Toronto Film Festival to widespread acclaim. In "S&DMAN," Petty delves into the disturbing world of underground simulated snuff films, wherein victims are "dispatched" with all manner of grisly, albeit faux, torture. Despite its fringe-y subject matter, Petty's "S&DMAN" was essentially an indictment of mainstream horror films, pictures, he argues, that are rooted in the same voyeuristic leanings which sell such freakish fetish videos. "S&MAN" impolitely asked horror genre aficionados to question just why they so enjoy watching human suffering so much.

It all sounds so nice and gentlemanly, and yet what we are talking about are real people dying. I'm not sure if the new film is going to follow this vein or more in the S&MAN style, but either way it sounds pretty distasteful.

I was shown a few scenes from one of the films when I was younger and it haunts me to this day. In fact it's an image that if I start thinking about I find hard to get out of my mind. It was shocking, and before anyone tries to tell me differently, what I saw was real.

I'm not sure what to think about this and before I made any judgements I'd want to know if they are going to fake everything in the film or go for reality.



i'm trying to remember the long, illustrious history of 'faces of death' and as far i as recall right now the films were made in japan and licensed - then added to with other footage, often described as including a lot of fake stuff - for the rest of the world. this kind of thing is classified as 'documentary' in japan, and if you trawl the net you'll see pics of stuff that looks far worse than anything said to be in 'faces of death'. rotting corpses, murder scenes, the list goes on. the 'faces of death' series also exists on R1 USA DVD, but it may be OOP now. america has a taste for the stuff too, but it seems far off the levels japan has had an interest in. much of the american-release mondo movies disappeared online, i can remember seeing listing for various sub-genres like ambulance chasing and so on... they're early DVD releases for the most part, i think. anyway, interesting idea, a popular revival of an infamous series of 'films'... :)

The Faces of Death films were all American-made. I was always under the impression most of the footage was actually demonstrably falsified.

Well the three or four sequences I saw definitely weren't. Although if I can remember rightly I think it might have been further on in the series.

looking over some sites, the film was originally intended for japan only and then made a journey outside of japan after that. maybe thats where the confusion over the origin comes from.


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