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Fantastic Mr Fox to showcase animations

FantasticMrFox.jpgThe story that another Roald Dahl story is being adapted into a film isn't really a surprise. Fox Animation have picked up The Fantastic Mr. Fox to animate to life for the big screen. What is interesting is the style they're going to choose.

According to SciFi Wire they will use multiple styles of animation together in the one film, and primarily it will feature stop motion.

Stop motion? Now that does surprise me. I was expecting to read CGI or hand drawn. Don't get me wrong, I love that style of animation as it lends a certain life to the characters straight away, however I didn't expect that to come from Fox.

This will be a project to keep your eyes on, especially since the director, Joe Roth, has never directed an animated film before. Previously Wes Anderson was linked to the project, and [Apologies I misquoted and confused even myself about the article! - Richard] Angelica Huston (previously in Dahl's The Witches) is apparently in talks along with Jason Schwartzman.

The story, for those of you who didn't read it for yourself or your kids, tells the tale of a fox who uses his cunning and wits to out fox (I'm sorry) three farmers and grab their chickens. There's a giblets joke in there too...and I won't make any comment about the previous story and those furry boots...



When did Anderson cease to be associated with this project. That is certainly news to me.

Ooops. My mistake. I've mixed up the article. I will correct it, my apologies.

This just happened to be my absolute favourite book as a child - I can only hope they do it some justice!

On another note, nice to finally catch up again with what's happening in your world Richard. Fabulous site!


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