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Favreau talks Iron Man

IronMan.jpgJon Favreau has been talking about Iron Man and repeating his thoughts on the costume and that it has to be mobile, agile, etc, etc. However there's two interesting bits in his conversation that he hasn't spoken about on his own MyMarketingCompanyOwnedSpace.

...exclusively using CGI filmmakers "run the risk of making it look like you are watching somebody else play a video game." Favreau wants to keep the audience focused on the story and not become disengaged or distracted by the effects...

..."the sequences that take the most time and the most money to shoot probably will not even require the actor to be involved or even be on set."

I've been saying that about Silver Surfer for ages, and it looks like they are going that way with that character too. CGI has to be the covering sheen, not the total product, it can be the part but not the whole of the film. Sure you can use it in huge battle scenes with mythical creatures, because you don't see those creatures battling every minute of every day, you aren't one yourself (sorry all Dungeoners!). You know the most intimate details of a walking, talking person so you know when it's not quite right.

Then there's the comment about keeping costs down by not involving the main star in every shot. Now I think that's quite clever, they're going to spend loads of time up front in visualising the shots, even (according to Crave Online through SuperHero Hype) filming action sequences without him there. Isn't that just using green/blue screens? Anyway, it's a great way to keep the star costs down which then should be plowed back into the film.



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