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Fincher's Zodiac gains positive reviews

DavidFincher.jpgAlthough David Fincher's latest film Zodiac is ages away from release, it has been seen by some during test screenings and the comments coming back are extremely positive.

AICN have three readers who wrote in to talk about the film, and without giving away any plot moments and spoilers (which they do), it's fair to say they thought it was an excellent film. It's currently well over two hours and no one thought it needed to be less. They were all taken in and involved in the story throughout and the tension was high. Some excellent Fincher moments were highlighted, and the general feeling of the performances of people like Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo is that they are at the height of their careers.

Everything sounds good for this movie, so Fincher's next round of editing can only make it tighter, stronger and perhaps even tenser. Current word is January for USA, February through March for Europe with UK gaining a mid March release and Japan hitting May. Perhaps soon we could be expecting some teasers.

I'm really looking forward to this film for the story, cast and the excellent director. What could be better than the true unsolved case of a serial killer who could well still be on the large?



I didn´t expect any less from this movie. The poster, by the way, is amazing. I have to be patient but... I can´t!!!

What could be better than the true unsolved case of a serial killer who could well still be on the large?

Now dont creep me out please.


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