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Fincher's Zodiac poster online

Zodiac_Poster.jpgFinally we get to see something from David Fincher's much desired film Zodiac, unfortunately it's just a poster, but it's a cracker of one none the less.

The tag line across the top of the poster reads "There's more than one way to lose your life to a killer", and the moody, mist entrenched picture of the Golden Gate bridge is superb. Dark and menacing, just the way we like Fincher's work.

You can see the full size of the poster over at UK IGN. Nice isn't it? Just enough to raise the interest until the next round of teasing from the marketing companies.

It seems like an age since this project was announced, but I'm still more than happy to wait. Hey, I've just had a thought. How about Fincher for the final Harry Potter film?



It´s really creepy and beautiful at the same time. Everything around this project make my day.

I agree about the creepiness surrounding this poster.

Oh, and HAHAHA, very funny Rich! ;D


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