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Flags of Our Fathers clip

FlagsofourFathers.jpgA nice extended clip for Clint Eastwood's epic Flags of Our Fathers is online. It's the scene in the hotel where the soldiers are getting told that they have to help raise money for the war. The acting does seem strong.

You can see the clip over at Flagsofourfathers.com [QT:L:14.2Mb] the official site.

If that size doesn't suit then you can get a whole list of different formats via AICN through dtheatre.

I think the release of this clip wasn't really needed. It's actually a drastic slowing of pace in the marketing of the film which was already concentrating on the excellent trailers and teasers we've been seeing. I'd have preferred more of that than this short clip. Still, I'm not saying it's bad, far from it.



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