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Freeman delivers film to Cinema and Web

MorganFreeman.jpgA while ago the news came out that Morgan Freeman was signing up with Clickstar to start Internet Film distribution, however since then there's not been much said and it did start to sound like a figurehead deal where Freeman signed up to provide exposure. Apparently not so according to news today.

From IMDB:

Freeman has announced a joint venture with Intel called Clickstar that will offer his low-budget movie 10 Items or Less beginning Dec. 1, the same day it premieres theatrically. Prices have not yet been set. The website is also planning to launch a free "channel," hosted by Danny DeVito called Jersey Docs, highlighting documentaries. Intel reportedly plans to promote the website as part of its marketing campaign for the new Viiv computers, which can deliver web content to home TV sets.

It'll be interesting to see how the pricing model works out and how the Intel Viiv computers will work and integrate at home. Hopefully better than Microsoft's system, I can't even get my 360 connecting to my PC. Shouldn't all this be seamless nowadays and we be able to download to any Internet connected device? Do we all have to follow suit to these empire building organisations? Come on! Break the mould someone!



It's nice to see someone in Hollywood "gets it". Interesting, too, that Intel is still giving life to the Viiv platform. I thought it was all but dead. It's even more interesting given their close relationship with Apple considering Apple's future plans for their iTV product.


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