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Friday 13th remake still planned

Friday13th_Poster.jpgIt appears that the planned remake of Friday 13th is still on the cards. After I talked about it being stalled due to rights issues, it seems that it may be close to a resolution.

Over at Bloody Disgusting through I Spit On Your Movie, they have the quote from one of the producers Andrew Form, and sent in by a reader from the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors:

...he said that the remake, which is tied in a rights battle right now, should be in theaters by July 2007. He also exclaimed that they will fight to the bitter end to make sure it is released with an R rating, no PG-13 bullshit for Jason Voorhees.

Yippee (and imagine that being said with a flat tone and no emotion). I'm so glad they are fighting for this, I mean what would our release schedule be like without another in the long line of Jason films, and adding in that remake factor too. Oh, I can hardly wait.



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