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From Point Break to Iraq

KathrynBigelow.jpgKathryn Bigelow is perhaps most famously known for Point Break, now though she's set to turn her camera towards Iraq with a drama about an elite bomb disposal unit operating in the country called The Hurt Locker.

What makes this extra interesting is that she co-wrote the script with an actual war reporter, Mark Boal, so there's the hope that it will reflect the situation in Iraq more than most films. Boal also recently worked with Paul Haggis on another war script, In the Valley of Elah, so he's beginning to get quite a role for himself.

The story comes from Production Weekly through CinemaBlend. Bigelow also brought us Near Dark, Blue Steel and K-19 Widowmaker, all films I really enjoyed, perhaps more than Point Break too.

I'm always interested in films that address real life and current events, as long as they do strive for accuracy, and with Boal on board this just might be the case. It certainly should be one to look out for.



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