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Ghost Rider trailer online

GhostRider.jpgThe new, and I think final, trailer for Ghost Rider is online, and you know what? It's not that bad. Strangely, it's actually quite good...if you discount the Nicolas Cage aspect.

You can see the trailer over at Moviefone [Embed:L:XL] through Coming Soon.

I was surprised. It has pace, dramatic tension, and superb effects. The scene where the bike crashes at the start as always hit me hard, but there's so much more. Just look at Peter Fonda and his face melting into something else. You know, I actually think this could turn out to look quite good. The strength of the story may be another matter however. What say you?



Darn, I didn't know good old Nic was in this movie. I'm guessing this is one of those thousand comics, I haven't heard of, made for movies. Sigh...

It does look good mind!


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