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Goodman goes bad

JohnGoodman.jpgI think it's fair to say that John Goodman is always playing the good guy, or the at least the loveable bloke. There are a few roles where he's moved into a more dramatic role, for instance his appearance on The West Wing was a strong role. Now it looks like he's going to push further into the dramatic part of his career with the role of a drug ring boss and an arms dealer. Nice.

According to Zap2it through the good guys at CinemaBlend, who are all loveable blokes like Goodman, he's joined the strong cast of Death Sentence alongside Kevin Bacon.

I like Goodman in dramatic roles, he tends to lend a good feeling of reality to his role and the film, he's such a natural actor. What's your favourite Goodman role?



'King Ralph' is the first I guess. Then 'Sea of Love', and 'The Flintstones'.

I am guessing you will say 'Always', Rich?

Of course! I adore that film...and it will be in the next feature appearing tomorrow.

Yay! Better get some sleep or else my eyes will be all pasty! Till tomorrow then! ;)


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