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Greatest American Hero DVD boxset

GreatestAmericanHero.jpgThe Greatest American Hero is something that has always stayed with me from when I was younger, a TV show that I fell in love with like the A-Team or CHiPs, and now it has received a DVD release that looks superb.

Over at I Spit On Your Movie, the super cool guys have some photos of the boxset in question, and the specs are here:

The deluxe collector's set contains 13 discs (containing all 43 episodes), and includes in the sharp deluxe tin: full-size cape, instruction manual (with working lights), and a retro iron-on transfer. Also, 200 randomly distributed sets will have a personally autographed photo from star William Katt – a truly super surprise!

The Greatest American Hero presented the most unlikely man to ever be called "Hero" in Ralph Hanley (William Katt), who equipped only with a nifty red flying suit and a quirky instruction book, found he was suddenly flying off to fight crime wherever he crashed into it. But our hero, with help from a weird FBI agent (Robert Culp) and a loving friend (Connie Selleca), seemed to come out on top every time.

Oh that brings back memories. It was a great series with a light hearted and wonderfully innocent look at the whole genre, and at the same time it was all incredibly entertaining. If you haven't seen it you don't know what you missed, but what a cool boxset?



Those were the days huh Richard? ;D


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