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Grind House trailer online

GrindHouse.jpgSome of us have to work for a living and so I'm a little late to tell you about the new Grind House trailer on the Internet, however I probably am the only one going "eh?".

Not one to fall for instant hype about Quentin Tarantino's projects I was looking forward to seeing this trailer, all the elements sounded good and the cast is super strong. So when I watched the trailer from YouTube...ermm...Google...ermm...whoever, through AICN and Film Rotation, I was a little disappointed.

So there is a great feel of that eighties DTV style, and there are some nice looking moments (Machette looks quite cool), but I'm just not taken by it. What, am I supposed to love the huge gun attached to the front of the motorbike, or the woman with a gun for a leg, or the blowing up of body parts with lots of blood all through it?

No, I'm afraid it didn't do it for me. It's a collection of a few cool looking scenes, but I want to hear about some more substance before I commit myself. However I am convinced I'm in a complete minority and there will be nothing but praise flowing for the trailer...Come on then. Convince me.



You're not the only one. Another movie blog called it one of the best trailers hes ever seen. I watched it, and I'm like 'huh'?

It looks kinda 80's ish B movie to me. I don't get it either.

Machete is just a faux trailer for the interlude; they are trying to make it like a classic Drive-in theatre double bill. I think the concept sounds fun on the quality of the films themselves I am not sure.

It's all boobs and blood. Just that nothing else.

Well I am glad I'm not the only one then!

Danny Trejo opens a trenchcoat full of machetes, and you're a little disappointed? What's the world coming to? :)

xpgeek - Google 'grindhouse movies/theatres' and you'll find out why it looks 'kinda 80's ish B movie'.

Mike - 'It's all boobs and blood. Just that nothing else.' 1. This isn't even the official trailer 2. The movie is called Planet Terror. What do you expect?

"Planet Boobs and Blood"!!


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