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Grudge 2 new behind the scenes online

Grudge.jpgThere's another of those "webisodes" (whatever the hell that means) for Grudge 2 online, and this one features a bunch of the cast and crew talking about working with Takashi Shimizu the man behind both the Asian and Hollywood series.

It's quite interesting and looks at his style, has some nice behind the scenes shots, clips of the film, and itself has been really well put together. I like Ghost Pictures marketing, they've definitely got it right and provide us with some good stuff. This one in particular.

You can see the feature over at the Ghost House Pictures site through HorrorMovies.

I'm not sure about Grudge 2, I'm interested to see how it turns out and if it carries the series on, but there's something about seeing too much of the good side of a horror film...I want to see some of the frightening clips in context, not either side of happy people talking about how great the job is. Although in this clip I was caught - hands up.



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