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Halo pitched to WB and Paramount

Halo.jpgSince Halo was dropped by Universal and Fox, Microsoft and Bungie have been spending this week looking to Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures in an attempt to find other backers.

According to Variety and Coming Soon they don't really have an option with Sony or Disney as both are direct rivals in some way. Sony obviously with the PlayStations and Disney with the largest individual board member share belonging to Steve Jobs of Apple, a long time Microsoft rival.

So they've been heading towards WB and Paramount, and at the same time it's reported that work is continuing at the Weta studios for the film. Hopes must be high of something happening if they are spending time and money on the project.

There's also word that the script is getting another rewrite from the screenwriter of A History of Violence, Josh Olson. You know it's not unusual for a script to go through so many rewrites this early in its conception, yet you've got to wonder how great the previous one was if they're going through it again.



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