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Halo war of words continues

Halo.jpgBungie has spoken out with an official statement from Microsoft regarding the recent news of Halo being dropped by both Universal and Fox, and it sounds like they're much happier now.

"We are disappointed that Universal and Fox wanted to significantly renegotiate the financial points of the deal. But the Halo franchise is hugely popular and our goal remains the same - to find a partner that shares our passion and will creatively collaborate with us to best represent the story and spirit of the Halo franchise. Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and the rest of the creative team are dedicated to ensuring the Halo movie becomes a reality. We are already in discussions with potential partners who recognize the value of the Halo brand and its appeal to consumers worldwide."

Is the official statement from Microsoft over at Bungie through Coming Soon. They don't say much about the actual events, preferring to stick to:

Universal and Fox wanted to renegotiate the Halo movie deal at the 11th hour and Microsoft and its partners, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh refused.

However they do say that there is optimism, satisfaction and happiness for the decision, saying that a partner who is more interested in numbers is perhaps not the best partner for such a creative process. These comments do put an interesting slant on the whole story.

So off they go again to find money for the more creative project, and perhaps they might just find the funding which comes along with a nice creative free reign, however I think there's some compromise to be found.



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