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Harsh Times director on Mafia Cop

MafiaCop.jpgDavid Ayer is set to make Mafia Cop, a film about a police hitman. For those of you who don't know Ayer, he recently directed Harsh Times, he wrote the superb Training Day, The Fast and the Furious (don't knock it, I loved it), Dark Blue...mind you on the flip side he wrote the rubbish that was U-571 and the film that lots of people love to knock, S.W.A.T. (which again I thought was loads of fun).

So hit and miss I'd say, but the hits are very strong. Right now he's directing The Wild Bunch remake, which he wrote, a move I think ranks with his low points, but still, give it a chance.

The story for Mafia Cop, according to Variety through Coming Soon:

The project is based on the life and story of Louis Eppolito, who was convicted this past spring of murdering for the mob while serving as an NYPD detective.

The story is an interesting read, and you can read about the two cops who were carrying out crimes on behalf of the Mafia on Wikipedia.

After a long investigation, both Eppolito and Caracappa were arrested in March 2005 and charged with racketeering, obstruction of justice and eight counts of murder, including that of James Hydell. They are also accused of conspiring to murder Sammy Gravano, the famous informant who helped put John Gotti behind bars.

Amazingly Louis Eppolito has enjoyed a fruitful career of appearances in the movies...who said the film industry was corrupt?



Yawn, Richard, yawn, yawn, yawn. Tell me something you don't read about in the paper at least once a week. Yawn....(but not on your part. You're doing a fantastic job :-)

Was Harsh Times ever released in the UK Richard?

Yep. It released in UK August 19th, though before that it was screened at the Cambridge Film festival.

my 2 cents on my blog:
[Swapped for direct link to review - Richard] http://www.ramchandra.me.uk/blog/archives/000202.php

& as for the talk of Mafia Cop, the concept sounds fricking sweeeet: Non-blind Darevdevil goes Elite Training Day type Assasin in Harsh Times .. or something :)

Cheers Poodle. I think there might be something good here with Ayer involved.

I think it got quite a quiet release, it was shown in Edinburgh but not for long and it was all rather quiet. Shame that.


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